The Keys of Ascension

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From International Amazon bestselling author Mary Tan

You darling, came to fulfill a very important destiny . RISE UP NOW, BE it.
~Mary Tan

As visionary light leaders, healers and change agents devoted to the Earth and its people, we walk a very different path. Your dedication to personal evolution, to lead your tribe to higher ground, is absolutely uplifting the world. Yet even you, healer, need support. That’s why I created The Keys of Ascension to help you shed the residual dead weight (of the old paradigm) so you can step fully into your destiny-fulfilling self with ease and joy.

What You’ll Learn, Beloved:

Key #1:
How to break free from the pesky painful patterns you thought were already gone.

Key #2:
The single most important practice to embody confidence, power, and enlightened leadership.

Key #3:
How to effectively walk between dimensions to anchor the Highest Good NOW.

What people are saying…

“This woman, Mary, is a spiritual floodlight; casting out the shadows, and illuminating the dark corners of our collective psyche. Her authenticity and accessibility make her a trusted guide taking us down the path of not only “how to,” but also “why” we need to unplug our current programming, and do the work of growing into ourselves, so that we may continue to level up! Her love and compassion are only matched by her dedication to changing this world one soul at a time!” -Samantha Innes, Financial Advisor 

“Mary Tan is a radiant spiritual teacher here to assist us on how to live in our new world. As the old systems are breaking down her writings bring comfort we’re heading in a beautiful direction. This is simple, yet powerful food for your soul. I believe this information is one of, if not the most important topic today.  If you’re drawn to this information your consciousness is ready to receive it!”  –Carla Walker, Integrative Spiritual Coach

“One thing people can relate to is pain.  Mary Tan shares her pain for the world to see, and through her eyes, we can see that coming out the other side of pain is not only hopeful, but attainable.  Her story is raw, and her encouragement for others to transcend pain is real. She understands that no one is an island, and that through working through our pain and healing old wounds independently and together, we can truly change the frequency of the planet.”    -Harriette Knight, Master Healer, Psychic Medium, Author

“Mary points us in the direction of spiritual ascension. If anyone feels lost or at a loss, you will understand through these wise and channeled words written from the heart and experience of someone who walks the path. Take her hand and read this amazing book. I promise you will feel more at peace and assured in your heart. It will help you stop questioning your existence and start your way to love and ascension while experience an expanded dimension in life.”  – Sarah Baez, Spirit Quest Productions

“She has done it again!  You too can become entranced by the  wisdom and Love Mary unleashes in a raw and realistic memoir of becoming her highest self. She cracks open your heart center to create space for your true self so you can experience the joy, honor, and peace that comes with the remembering. Every sentence brings a new wave of awe for this beautiful and messy life.“ –Ashley Hardman, Energy Healer

“Mary writes in Set Sail a vulnerable yet delicious journey to our deepest potential, to empower each of us to explore our unique gifts and fulfill our birthright!”  -Renee Kaney, Stylist

“Mary’s book is powerful, moving, uplifting, inspirational, and well written.  It’s also alluring because it generates so many questions. How does one elevated themselves and heal past wounds? Is it really possible? Must read more from Mary Tan!”  –Amy Tan, Owner of Planet Hoppers

“Mary Tan is a gifted story teller, a feature rarely found in books aimed at helping others.  Mary brings her story to life, but doesn’t dwell on the difficulties she had, instead she uses those experiences to help other and to guide us on a (not so gentle) path towards healing ourselves through conscious personal evolution.  Hard work certainly, but work that Mary shows you it is worth the effort.”  -Julie Molinare, Earth Healer Landscape Designer

Mary Tan is an International Amazon bestselling author, thought leader and speaker who teaches people how to shed the painful struggles of life and activate the Universal flow for clarity, confidence and joy to fill your life. Humanity is evolving consciously at a rapid pace. She shows you how to navigate this new terrain with empowered presence. Mary is a sought after expert for radio, podcasts, magazines, and shows around the world. In addition to having fun sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra and Les Brown, you can find her having a salsa dance party with her two little girls at home. If she’s not being silly with her kids, then she’s teaching metaphysics to the children at the school she founded called, The Light Warrior School.